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HealthHelpLocator.org was created to aggregate public information related to substance abuse treatment centers / mental health treatment centers and to display that information in an easily accessible, clear and concise format. Its aim is to maintain up-to-date information, reduce research time, and ultimately aid end users in making better decisions while considering quality of care and qalifications of each facility. If you need more informaion on finding help and treatment or understanding common addictions and disorders, please visit the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s website at SAMHSA.gov.

How to Use This Site

When using this Website you can filter search results by substance abuse treatment centers / mental health treatment centers. To find a facility in your area, type in your zip code in the search bar (Located on the navigation bar and homepage). You can also search for mental health treatment / substance abuse treatment by state or by services offered. If you are looking for a facility that provides a specific service, use the services navigation menu item to narrow down your search. Related news and information on substance abuse and mental health issues are also updated frequently on our news page which you can view here.


To aid you in the process of choosing substance abuse treatment / mental health treatment, we’ve provided several resources below. When researching a care center, some points to consider include inpatient/outpatient treatment options, staff qualifications, languages spoken, treatment options, treatment intensity, common age groups, staff to patient ratio, treatment frequency, services offered, family visiting hours and overall environment of the facility. We encourage you to take time and research before making a decision or commitment to any substance abuse treatment center / mental health treatment center.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration is a great place to start your research when choosing a facility. SAMHSA.gov contains information on a wide variety of topics from drug addictions and behavioral health treatment services to health care, laws, regulations, and guidelines.

Project Know is another great resource with loads of information on alchol & drugs, behavioral health, and addiction treatment.

Mental Health America is a nonprofit organization that promotes helping those living with mental illnesses. Here you can find helpful information on different disorders such as anxiety, bipolar disorder and depression, how common they are, and what treatments are available for each disorder.

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