Tribal government

Mental Health Service
Mental Health treatment centers offering service: Tribal government
  • Type: Mental Health Services
  • Website:
  • Office Phone: 907-842-5201
  • Addr: 6000 Kanakanak Road
  • Dillingham, AK, 99576
  • County: Dillingham

  • Addr: 8201 Mish Ko Swen Drive
  • Crandon, WI, 54520
  • County: Forest

  • Addr: 508 Upland Street
  • Kenai, AK, 99611
  • County: Kenai Peninsula

  • Type: Mental Health Services
  • Website:  Not Listed
  • Office Phone: 907-497-2311
  • Addr: 100 Slocum Drive
  • King Cove, AK, 99612
  • County: Aleutians East

  • Type: Mental Health Services
  • Website:  Not Listed
  • Office Phone: 715-638-5100
  • Addr: 13380 West Trepania Road
  • Hayward, WI, 54843
  • County: Sawyer

  • Addr: 2209 East 32nd Street
  • Tacoma, WA, 98404
  • County: Pierce

  • Addr: 412 State Route 37
  • Hogansburg, NY, 13655
  • County: Franklin

  • Addr: 110 South Visiting Eagle Street
  • Niobrara, NE, 68760
  • County: Knox

  • Addr: 1046 Salmon Creek Lane
  • Juneau, AK, 99801
  • County: Juneau

  • Type: Mental Health Services
  • Website:  Not Listed
  • Office Phone: 360-709-1733
  • Addr: 420 Howanut Road
  • Oakville, WA, 98568
  • County: Grays Harbor

Not Sure Which Services to Choose?

The amount of services offered by substance abuse treatment centers / mental health treatment centers can be overwhelming at first. If you’re unsure about the care you’ll be needing, it can be a helpful starting point to call nearby facilities and ask about the availability of evidence-based treatments. Some of the most common and helpful treatments include individual and group counseling, medication treatments, and supportive services.

Medication treatments have been found most effective when used in conjunction with therapy and or counseling so it can be helpful to ask if the facility you are researching provides this approach as an option. Medication treatments are also prone to decreasing effectiveness over time. Supportive services can have a wide range of meanings. They range from helping patients find employment and housing to helping with physical health issues and ailments.

You can look for mental health treatment / substance abuse treatment in your area by using the search bar on our top navigation menu or via our home page.

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